Discover Montserrat Launches Best of Montserrat Series

Vote Today in the Best of Montserrat Poll.
Vote Today in the Best of Montserrat Poll.

ST. JOHN’s – In an effort to promote more local businesses coming online, Discover Montserrat has launched a new series called the Best of Montserrat.

According to Editor Nerissa Golden, the aim is to promote the private sector and at the same time encourage more businesses to create an online presence to increase exposure and social proof that the island is open for business.

“Recently when Goldenmedia coordinated an international event here the hardest challenge for the organisers was finding local companies online and then having them respond in a timely manner,” Golden explained. “We have to see that the primary mode of communication internationally is via email and the web and so we need to be online so we can be found. Once we’ve been found we must be prepared to communicate and secure the business. That means having a clear payment strategy and way to deliver the goods or service.”

Golden added that Montserrat needed more direct investment for the private sector to grow so creating websites and having active business email accounts which are monitored is a must. “We want people to visit the island and do business with us here but they can’t if they don’t know we exist. We have quality services and professionals here but we need to promote what we have to offer.”

The Best of Montserrat series will give local establishments and service providers the chance to be featured in a poll. The community will then have the chance to vote for their favourite.

Winners will receive a six-month FREE web advertising contract on Discover Montserrat, a listing in the Business Directory and a feature story to help readers learn more about the business.

Currently the Best Pizza on island poll is live. Each Wednesday a new poll will be added.

Discover Montserrat is an digital news source for Montserrat. It provides daily news, as well as a searchable business directory of services on island. Launched in February 2015, the site is now the leading daily source of current information on Montserrat.

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