Realtor Commends Fire Service for Protecting Isles Bay Villas

SALEM – Realtor Susan Edgecombe of Tradewinds Real Estate has high praise for the stellar job done by the Montserrat Fire Service in outing a recent blaze near one of her properties.

Around 10am on Tuesday, May 5th the fire service were dispatched to Isles Bay where a blaze threatened several villas and the hillside which has been very dry due to lack of rain.

Police have since been able to receive a confession from the man who lit the blaze on the other side of the ridge but which quickly went out of control with the large amounts of dried brush and leaves. Flames could be seen from Olveston and Edgecombe expressed her worry that they would not have been able to out the flames due to the low water pressure in the area.

“The officers worked hard and did what was necessary to get the water and to keep it under control. I was very impressed with the work they put in, Fire Officer Wade and the other officers who worked until close to midnight to ensure that it did not restart are to be commended,” Edgecombe said.

Following this event, Fire Chief Andre West immediately suspended all fire permits.