"Taking Nothing and Making Something": An Eze Bongo Perspective

From a winding ghaut in the small village of Trials, Montserrat, came a small piece of white chalk. Simple, some might say, insignificant, others might add; however, this minute mineral flipped a light switch of art for one Montserratian. Specializing in high end construction and custom souvenirs, Eze Bongo channels this skill through his self made business, Eze Bongo Restoration and Renovation.

Born Vanastel Hussey, this artisan takes pride in the art of taking nothing and making something. From pens, to penthouses, Hussey has the ability to revamp a simple item with just a few natural elements. Although he is best known for his home renovation skills, the Bongo Industries line offers visually stimulating, yet functional art. Hussey’s newest endeavor, vibrantly restored pens, has created a wave of demand in the marketplace. After assembling the basic pieces of a pen, Hussey chooses from a set of raw materials to add a unique finishing touch.  For one special customer it could be ivory, for another it may bone; either way the stunning results leave a lasting impression.

A hereditary gift passed down from a family of diligent contractors, Hussey’s artistry is fostered through a spiritual experience with nature. In an intimate chat with Discover MNI, he shares, “It’s not me doing it, it’s the spiritual nature of things…” Hussey continues on, expressing his innate desire to live up to the prayers of his precedents. His works pay homage to the ancestors who did not have the opportunity to articulate their talent as he does today.

The value of Eze Bongo’s work not only spans generations, but carries the inherent spirit of what is Montserratian culture. Aside from his pens, his Alliouagana inspired wood work shines a light on the small island that taught him everything that he knows. As a member of the greater Montserratian diaspora, Hussey hopes that more natives will invest their knowledge and resources into the progress of the island. It is his own dream to move back to Montserrat while continuing to share his work around the globe. In the meantime, interested patrons can inquire and order products at http://chancespeak.com/.