Governor Davis Encourages Residents to Prepare for Hurricane Season

His Excellency the Governor Adrian Davis
His Excellency the Governor Adrian Davis

BRADES – The following is the full text of His Excellency the Governor Adrian Davis’ message about the start of the hurricane season which began June 1.

“The 2015 hurricane season commenced at the beginning of June. It is predicted to be a below average season in terms of the number of hurricanes. Nevertheless, I implore you to be vigilant, as it only takes one storm to impact the island and adversely affect the lives of all of us. We must be prepared for the unexpected. We sometimes ignore the first few months of the season and concentrate on the middle months especially August-September, but we must also be mindful that a hurricane can occur before or after the specified hurricane season.

“The following are some useful tips:

  • Ensure you stock up on non-perishable foods.
  • Fill your car with petrol and check your battery, water and oil.
  • Check your flashlights, candles and lamps (have spare batteries, bulbs and matches).
  • Check local media (radio, TV and the internet) for weather reports.
  • Locate your containers for storing drinking water and label them.
  • Pack a survival kit.
  • Make sure you have an adequate supply of any prescription medication you may be using.
  • Do not forget to prepare and test your family plans. Ensure everyone knows the plan.
  • Make arrangements to have your pets cared for if you have to evacuate.

“Also, it is useful to know your closest hurricane shelter in the event that you have to move or assist someone to get to a shelter. Get to know your district committee members. Know where the vulnerable are in your community as they may need your assistance in preparing for the storm. Identify potential hazards for your homes and communities and take step to mitigate against them. Report concerns to your District Committee members or the DMCA.

“All organisations, whether private or public, should have business continuity plans in place. We normally prepare for the storm but we also need to consider what happens after the storm.

“In the event of pending storm or hurricane, residents are reminded to listen to Radio Montserrat for local preparatory advice and weather forecast. In today’s age of technology where information is at our finger tips, I would like to also remind residents that our official source of weather forecast comes from the Antigua Met Office via the John A. Osborne Airport.

“If you have any question please contact the Disaster Management Coordination Agency for assistance on how to prepare and protect yourself, your family, your business, your community. They can be contacted at 491 7166.

“The 2015 Hurricane Season is here.