Girls Share their Vision of Montserrat's Tech Future

BRADES – Students gathered volcano stories while others created visual imagery of what Montserrat’s future would look like in a tech-enabled world. On Thursday, June 18, 2015 the girls received tokens from the National ICT Council for their participation in the Girls in ICT Day challenge.

According to Council Coordinator Cheverlyn Williams all of the presentations showed innovation and creativity.

Students from the Montserrat Community College created two websites to dedicated to lost villages to show how they could look in our tech-driven future. |

Grade two students from the Brades Primary School created eight villages which were all ICT-enabled. They included the ability for customers to order groceries, book hotels online to a hospital which had robot nurses and where people are healed in one week. Other villages included energy supplied by geothermal and the importance of growing crops for sale.

Students from Lookout Primary. St. Augustine Primary and Lighthouse Community Academy conducted interviews with residents about their experience living through the early days of the volcanic eruptions. These videos will be played on Local Access Channel 5 and online shortly.

Representatives from the Architectural Division of the Ministry of Communications & Works, LavaBits and Goldenmedia assisted students in the creation of their entries.

Gifts were sponsored by Carlton Archer, LIME, the Caribbean Telecommunications Union, MNI Networks LTD., Digicel and the Ministry of Communications & Works.

Girls in ICT Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in April annually. It is a global campaign to encourage more girls to consider careers in the technology field.