We'll Take The Rain, Thank You Very Much

ANUMET Photo of Potential rainfall for Monday June 22.
ANUMET Photo of Potential rainfall for Monday June 22.

If you woke up like we did to the sound of rain on the window then you know just about everyone on Montserrat is smiling this morning.

After a prolonged period of little to no rain, we’ve been experiencing rain since Sunday and it looks like it will continue throughout today, according to the forecast.

Dale Destin, Meteorologist at the VC Bird International Airport Met Office, says a “tropical wave is expected to raise our rainfall total over the next 24 hour. It will likely shower the island with 5 to 10 mm (0.20 to 0.40 in) of rain as it traverses the region. It’s possible that rainfall total could reach as high as 25 mm in some places.
“Already, the system has dumped over 25 mm of rain on parts Barbados with more rain in the forecast. The Windward Islands and the rest of the Leeward Islands are also in for some much needed showers, from the tropical wave.”

Many of the Caribbean islands are in the midst of droughts with St. Lucia and Puerto Rico putting in water restrictions for residents. Barbados has also had a series of fires which is attributed to the increased dryness.

Destin says “The wave will also cause a surge in the winds and seas across the Eastern Caribbean. Winds are expected to rise to near 20 knots, mainly over open water and elevated places. Wind gusts to near 28 knots will also take place.”

Read the full report on his blog here….https://anumetservice.wordpress.com/2015/06/21/a-tropical-wave-to-shower-the-leeward-islands/