Montserrat Signs Sustainable Energy Roadmap

BRADES – Montserrat has joined with the other members of the Overseas Countries & Territories Association (OCTA) in signing the Sustainable Energy Roadmap for OCT.
During the recently concluded Energy Summit in Brussels, Hon Minister of Communications, Works & Labour Paul Lewis signed on behalf of Montserrat. Lewis attended the first Energy Summit along with Acting Director of Public Works Rawlson Patterson and Director of Project Development Joseph Irish.
According to summit documents “by recognising that sustainable energy is the basis for a sustainable economic and social development that takes into account climate change and other development challenges, the OCTs have engaged in a long-term commitment to sustainability.
“This commitment is further confirmed by the selection of renewable energy as one of the focal areas for both the Caribbean Regional Programme (€40 million) as well as the Thematic Programme (€16-18 million) of the European Development Fund. The OCTs are thus taking a global lead in the transition of islands towards sustainability.”
Sint Maarten as Regional Authorizing Officer (RAO) for the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) Caribbean Regional Program (€ 40 million) presented an update on the progress made during the programming phase and outlined the proposed actions and way forward for the coming four years.
The EU funds are to enable the OCTs to position themselves as centres of excellence in the field of sustainable energy.
The minister noted that Montserrat being able to access the funds would provide technicians and training assistance which would push the island towards its 2020 vision of 100% renewable energy.

Hon. Minister Paul Lewis (3rd from right) and the other members of the Caribbean OCTs. (St. Maarten Government Photo)
Hon. Minister Paul Lewis (3rd from right) and the other members of the OCTs. (St. Maarten Government Photo)