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We Still Here

20 years

Since volcano start blow

June 25, 1997

18 years

19 lives gone

In a pyroclastic flow

We still here.

Thousands leave

To make new dreams

Start families

Reconnect with loved ones

We still here.

Neighbours come

They help

They build

They stay

We still here.

Masquerade dance

Government change

Promises not kept

Britain gives

Britain takes away

We still here.

Way d cash from d ash?

How day goin’ find us

Off d grid?

We lose hope.

We make love.

We fight.

We break up.

You leave.

We still here.

We plant.

We reap.

We eat Mangoes



We still here.




For a hero

To rescue us

From resilience

Our lack of courage

To change

To demand

To expect

To dream

We still here.


Written by Nerissa Golden (c) 2015.