Volcanic Remnants are Backdrop for Island Diva Mas 2015 Designs

BELHAM VALLEY – The dark and dismal textures of the Belham Valley became outer space for Island Diva Mas’ 2015 photo shoot.

Galaxy Quest is the theme for this year’s festival costumes by the mas group now in its fifth year on Montserrat. The photos which were released on Tuesday, June 29th, feature three adult sections and one child section.

All designed by Sharlene Lindsay, the costumes reflect different elements from outer space. Solaris, Nebula and Moon Dust are the adult sections which feature backline and frontline designs. While Shooting Stars and Comets are the girls and boys respectively.

Since the mid 90s massive quantities of ash and stone have been belched from the Soufriere Hills Volcano down the Belham Valley. The deep gorges of the valley were the backdrop for Solaris, which features the brilliant colours of the sun in shades of yellow and orange. Nebula is bursting with tones from pink to purple and moon dust is white and silver.

“Inspiration can come from anywhere,” Lindsay explains about coming up with designs each year. “The beauty of deep space was what I was after and the mysterious beauty that you find even in the Belham Valley seemed a stark contrast.”

Those interested in playing mas with the troupe for Montserrat Festival can place their orders today at idivamas@gmail.com.

The full line of costumes can be seen on the Island Diva Mas Facebook page. All photos by Hypnotik Frames.