Robin Ramdeen is Site Manager for Blue Halo Montserrat and Barbuda

Robin Ramdeen, Site Manager Blue Halo Montserrat (Waitt Institute Official Photo)
Robin Ramdeen, Site Manager Blue Halo Montserrat (Waitt Institute Official Photo)

WASHINGTON, D.C. The Blue Halo Initiative is excited to welcome Robin Ramdeen to its ranks as the Waitt Institute expands its work partnering with Caribbean governments to envision, create, and implement sustainable ocean policies.
Robin joins the team as Site Manager for Montserrat and Barbuda, and has been contracted to work closely with local stakeholders as she manages the project. “We are thrilled to have found someone so highly qualified to fill this position as Blue Halo Site Manager,” says Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, award winning marine biologist and executive director of the Waitt Institute. Robin brings to the team her experience in fisheries biology, marine protected area management, SCUBA diving, and communications.
Robin will spend the next months listening to the community and documenting citizen’s ideas and concerns as part of the Blue Halo Initiative’s highly participatory ocean policy process. The Initiative is in its third year and well underway on Barbuda but just beginning on Montserrat.
“Montserrat’s natural beauty, Caribbean charm, and motivated policy makers are just a few of the reasons why I am happy to be working with the Blue Halo Initiative to ensure sustainable ocean policies, “ Robin said.
The project will enable locals to improve the health and productivity of their reefs and fisheries through careful management that supports coastal livelihoods.
“Robin is a refreshing addition to the Blue Halo Montserrat team. Our first business meeting was held at sea at the start of an amazing afternoon of snorkeling,” said Minister Hogan after joining Robin at the Fish ‘N Fins snorkel camp with ESCAPE program this summer.
“We welcome Robin to Montserrat, being a Trinidadian she understands Caribbean fisheries and Caribbean culture. We expect great things,” said Mr. Alwyn Ponteen, Senior Fisheries Officer for Montserrat.
The Blue Halo Initiative is focused on developing and implementing science-based, community-driven coastal policies and practices. It is led by the Waitt Institute, a non-profit organization based in Washington D.C. Its goal: empowering communities to use the ocean without using it up.

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Waitt Institute: The Waitt Institute endeavors to ensure ecologically, economically, and culturally sustainable use of ocean resources. The Institute partners with governments committed to developing and implementing comprehensive, science-based, community-driven solutions for sustainable ocean management. Our goal is to benefit coastal communities while restoring fish populations and habitats. Our approach is to engage stakeholders, provide the tools needed to design locally appropriate policies, facilitate the policymaking process, and build capacity for effective implementation and long-term success.

Blue Halo Initiative: The Blue Halo Initiative is a collaboration between the Waitt Institute and partner governments to envision, create, and implement comprehensive sustainable ocean policies. “Blue Halo” describes the encircling waters of an island where ocean resources are managed for sustainability, profitability, and enjoyment.