Governor's Office Closed Ahead of Hurricane Danny

 In preparation for the expected arrival of Hurricane Danny on Monday morning, the Governor’s and DFID office will begin its shutdown procedures on the afternoon of Friday 21 August.  On current planning we do not expect to be operating from our office until after the storm has passed, which may be late on Monday 24 August but more likely on Tuesday 25 August, depending on the storm’s impact.

If possible, we will maintain e-mail and phone contact with the rest of government and with the UK Government on Monday 24 August if we can and will operate from Government House and the home of the Governor’s UK Policy Adviser, both of which are in Palm Loop, Woodlands.  However, we will only be able to conduct essential business related to the response to the storm.

We will issue a further notice once operations in Brades have been resumed.  Thank you for your understanding.