Fly Montserrat Resolves Case with Victims of Plane Crash

GERALD’s – Captain Nigel Harris, CEO of the national airline FlyMontserrat announced Saturday that a resolution has been reached with the families of the 2012 crash.
In a statement Harris said “FlyMontserrat is able to confirm that all litigation concerning the Company and arising from the accident involving their BN Islander aircraft on take-off from Antigua on 7th October 2012 has now been resolved amicably.”
Commenting on the finalisation of all matters, said: “This was a terrible accident and the claims subsequently made had to take their course.
“No amount of money can ever compensate for the death of a loved one or a life-changing injury. However, FlyMontserrat is pleased that all matters have now been resolved and our sincere hope is that all those touched by the accident can now find some degree of closure to such a tragic event”.
Two passengers and the pilot died in the crash. No details on the terms of the resolution have been released.