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Statement from Disaster Management Director on TS Danny

Tropical Storm Danny - 2PM Sunday, August 23, 2015
Tropical Storm Danny – 2PM Sunday, August 23, 2015

BRADES, MONTSERRAT, August 22, 2015 – As of this afternoon, Montserrat is under a Tropical Storm watch issued by the Met Office in Antigua this morning, as Hurricane Danny approaches the Eastern Caribbean. This means that Montserrat could experience tropical storm conditions – with quite high winds, heavy rain and stormy seas – within 48 hours.
If it maintains current track and speed, we should begin to experience stormy conditions from Sunday night to early Monday morning. While Hurricane Danny is currently expected to weaken somewhat as it approaches our region, and while we all hope and pray for rain to help relieve the current drought, we must remain vigilant; as, such a storm can do considerable
damage through high winds, rain and floods, downed trees and power lines, landslides along roads, high seas, etc.
As a part of the preparation for Danny, Government Offices have been taking the necessary precautions since Thursday and Friday, and I thank the civil servants and emergency workers who have worked so hard to help us prepare. This morning, I toured Hurricane Shelters with our Emergency Department, after which Her Excellency Governor Carriere and I met with the
Emergency Policy Group to assess our state of readiness for the approaching Storm. We have instructed that the necessary hurricane preparations and plans be put in place for activating at short notice, should this become necessary.
Later today, HE Governor Carriere and I will again visit shelters etc, to follow up on preparations that have been underway. As the storm approaches and passes, we will take further steps as necessary, and we will make sure to follow up on onward steps after the hurricane passes.
Hurricanes are always difficult to predict, and so we must be vigilant and prepare thoroughly, just in case. I advise people to consult the annual hurricane preparation booklet issued by our Emergency Department, to make sure you do not overlook any important steps. In continuing to make your preparations for any eventuality, we should pay special attention to the sick,
persons with disabilities, the elderly, and the most vulnerable in our communities. Please make all the preparations necessary for your safety and that of your family, your property, fishing boats etc and your business or workplace.
Please, continue to listen to Radio Montserrat for official advisories for Montserrat on this approaching storm.
Let us pray for God’s continued protection of our people and country.