All Clear for Montserrat, Business As Usual Tomorrow

YELLOW HILL – Tropical Storm Erika has left the Warning Area, and the Meteorological Service of Antigua has discontinued the Tropical Storm Warning for Montserrat.
Based on this, and on an assessment of the situation on Montserrat, the Emergency Policy Group is now declaring an All Clear for the island.
There are no reports of injuries, significant damage or residual hazards as a result of Tropical Storm Erika.
On the advice of Her Excellency the Government, Government Departments will open for business tomorrow at the usual time.

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  1. Pat Ryan says:

    Let us give thanks to a merciful God who continues to watch over us and protect all in all sitautions.

    Let us also be mindful to do our part by respecting the laws of this wonderful island… it’s a good way of saying Thank You God.

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