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Screen capture of the WestIndianLawyers Homepage.
Screen capture of the WestIndianLawyers Homepage.

OLVESTON – A new website aimed at changing the way lawyers and the general public access legal information and services, launches in the Caribbean today, September 1 2015. is an online portal servicing 18 jurisdictions in the English-speaking Caribbean.

Users will now have easier access to critical legal documents such as wills, leases and contracts, while lawyers and other legal professionals can obtain judgments, legal news, legislation and notices. is one of the new legal initiatives to be launched by Montserrat-based WEST INDIAN LAWYERS LLC.

Director of Communications Beresford Mack says the site offers the public and lawyers greater access to get vital legal products and services right in the palm of their hands. “Given the explosion of information that’s available worldwide today, we are happy to facilitate access to legal information. This is also in keeping with our tagline and famous maxim “ignorance of the law is no excuse!”.

Mack explains that over the next 12 months several other services and products will be added to

“Phase two will include a special database of law firms, lawyers and their areas of expertise, which will enable citizens and residents in the 18 countries to easily find legal professionals to deal with their issue.”

WEST INDIAN LAWYERS LLC continues to develop initiatives to allow the general public and legal profession to be a part of the ever changing and dynamic manner in which legal information and services is provided in Caribbean.


WEST INDIAN LAWYERS LLC is a legal information limited liability company incorporated under the laws and in the British Overseas Territory of Montserrat. It gears its services toward 18 jurisdictions of the English speaking Caribbean