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PDM Party Matters Not Private, Says Hon Parliamentary Secretary Gregory Willock

Greg-WillockSWEENEY’S – There is a breach of confidentiality within the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), says the Honourable Parliamentary Secretary Gregory Willock.

Speaking Friday evening on ZJB Radio, Hon. Willock sort to clarify rumours that he had left the party.

Willock explained he had been in discussion with the Hon. Premier Donaldson Romeo about stepping down from the position as parliamentary secretary to avoid some of the conflicts which were arising in the party over his desire to push for the ratification of a new legislators conditions of pay. He said the current document is outdated and should have been adapted to suit the current requirements as laid out in the Montserrat Constitution Order of 2010. The legislators conditions of pay now in use does not deal adequately with issues of gratuity, pensions, vacation for legislators, he added.

Willock explained that due to some party members not in agreement with his push to have this document updated and approved to the benefit of all legislators, he said he would prefer to remain only as a member of Parliament. Currently, he supports the sectors of culture, youth and supports in his role as parliamentary secretary. A role he said he is not compensated for over and above what is the standard payment for members of Parliament.

“I’m not here all about Gregory as I have been working for over a year as Parliamentary Secretary without additional pay,” he said. “I want to work for the people.”

Premier Romeo on Friday said in a prepared statement that there was nothing untoward with Willock’s request and that he remained a member of the party.

The parliamentary secretary was adamant that the leaking of his email conversation with the premier must be dealt with. “We have to have a conversation about the continued breach of sensitive documents. We need to catch the culprit.”

Listen to the full interview here courtesy of Montserrat Radio Echo.