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List of Successful ICT Projects

BRADES – The Ministry of Communications, Works & Labour have approved 14 projects to receive awards from a 1.8 million dollar ICT fund.

While no amount has been released, the National ICT Council also received an allocation from the fund to continue its work in promoting the use of information communication technologies through programmes such as Girls in ICT Day and ICT Week.

It is expected that 30 young people and those underemployed will be given the internships.

The other 13 projects are as follows:

  • Rovika Inc – $120,568 – To establish a web based Vehicle, Drivers Licenses and MOT Information Tracking System. This would enable online applications and a modern approach to the entire traffic operating system.
  • Will Tech – $50,000 – To improve the written driving test to make it electronic and automated thus improving efficiency within Traffic Department.
  • Basil Chambers – $31,000 -To provide ICT based training to 10 persons in the field of modern Broadcasting skills and processes. A series of sessions will be held in programme development, presentation and various other broadcasting techniques.
  • Dunamis Products and Services – $82,774 – To provide educational support to individuals in Montserrat in the areas of conversational Spanish, Geography, Social studies, Principles of Accounts and Principles of Business using ICT aids and systems.
  • MNI Alive $74,050 – Ten young people will be trained over the next year in new media communication, journalism, public relations and marketing. This project will be training them to be creative advocates for the growth and progress for Montserrat. The other aspect of this project is that it will be creating a digital platform that will be the medium where we can finally see the potential of Montserrat’s Diaspora being realised in making their contribution to the development of our island.
  • Montserrat Cultural School of Arts – $50,000 – To prepare our children for the future in creative      writing, skillful playing of musical instruments and performing cultural arts.
  • Pops Art Studio – $60,000 -To impart knowledge and design skills to ICT Cadets in relation to Basic graphics and printing.
  • VIP Productions – $106,800 -To providing training in professional audio recording, engineering, CD  duplication facility and Video and Photography production studio. Part of the outcomes is to deliver a number of documentaries and other tangible outcomes for natural interests.
  • Hitech ELEC – $82,600 – To encourage and enable an electronic waste (E-Waste) reduction society
  • Embwa Inc – $71,850 – To provide training in Screen printing and Embroidery.
  • Converge Solutions Montserrat Ltd – $76,520.38 – To provide training to target groups in areas of ICT and renewable energy, and provide Cisco trained technicians.
  • Montserrat National Trust – $116,500 – Digitizing manual Records
  • Live Island Video Streaming – $75,100 -To train and employ target groups in ICT media related fields.