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JavaLava Art Cafe to Launch New Exhibition This Saturday

10-12-15-javalava-artexhibitionST. PETER’S – October 18th will be the first anniversary for JavaLava which has brought some life to the sleepy town of St. Peter’s.
This Saturday, October 17, the coffee house which has rebranded itself to be an Art Cafe will launch a new exhibition of works by artists currently residing on island.
The new season of “Meet the Artist” will feature work by Anjelica Sweeney, Carolyne Coleby, Jim Brown, Shan Murrel and Tony Bates.

Owner Vidya Birkhoff said “Meet the Artist is an exhibition platform offering emerging and established artists the opportunity to showcase their work in JavaLava Art Café. Helping artists gain exposure, the exhibition is open to local artists from a wide range of artistic backgrounds. Meet the Artist welcomes artists to exhibit with us time and time again, offering a regular platform to showcase their latest works.”

The exhibition begins at 6:30PM. Entertainment is to be provided by Bimsha. Those interested in attending and dining are encouraged to make a reservation to secure a table.