Limited Human and Enviro Impacts for 3rd Geothermal Well Says Draft Report

Google Map image of location of current wells and proposed third well.

Google Map image of location of current wells and proposed third well.

There are limited human and environmental impacts expected from the drilling of a third exploratory geothermal well, says a recently released report.

According to the draft Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report released by the Government of Montserrat, on the drilling of a well identified as MON-3 in the St. George’s Hill area “no sensitive or endangered flora and fauna are at risk.”
The report will be presented on Tuesday, December 8 at 7PM at the Montserrat Cultural Centre. The consultants from Atom Solutions of Barbados which conducted the assessment will be on hand to present and discuss their findings.
They are also interested in getting public feedback on the results of the EIA and any additional concerns which need to be reviewed.
The report said “based on the assessment made, the principle concern is the health and safety of the drill crew and the need to deploy precise and well prepared emergency response and management plans should volcanic activity put human activity at risk. Upset conditions at the well also present risks to health and safety.”
There will also be a discussion on the draft report on Wednesday morning at 10AM on ZJB Radio Montserrat.

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