MAC4 Exhibition Opens at the National Trust

MAC4, A new exhibition featuring the diverse works of four Montserratians is now on display at the Montserrat National Trust.
The exhibition is a new addition to the Montserrat Festival calendar and according to the Director of the Montserrat Arts Council (MAC) it will become a regular event.
Chadd Cumberbatch said at Friday’s opening that along with his team at MAC, they are relooking all of the elements of the festival programme with the goal of expanding the product to reflect all elements of the island’s creativity.
The four featured artists are the Hon. Premier Donaldson Romeo, Franki, Eze Bongo and Everlyn White. Premier Romeo said at the opening he had no idea that he would transition from drawing hearts for girls in his class, to making art on the streets of London and now be on exhibit at home. He credited several of his teachers for helping improve as an artist.

Everlyn White uses the national madras to make clothing and fashionable accessories. Frank-i’s collection includes drums, baskets and other items made from natural products found in the hills of Montserrat. Eze Bongo’s exhibits are bold and very exciting to look out.
The exhibition remains open at the trust in Salem on January 1, 2016.