Sundays are Fun Days at Little Bay

Wondering what to do after church on Sunday? Then we highly recommend you change out of your finery, don some slippers, grab a towel and some cash and head to Little Bay.

Here are a few activities you can enjoy to finish your weekend off right.

It’s still a secret to many but we don’t mind telling you to try Ponteen’s barbecue lunch which can be around $35 EC. Although walk-ins are welcome, sometimes it’s best to call ahead and let him know you are coming and how many are in your party. John Ponteen is always willing to handle special requests, so let him know.

No clue where Ponteen’s is? Park below the Good Life night club then walk towards the lush greenery towards the left. Tucked away is a sign and an entrance which meanders through this eclectic restaurant and out on to one of the best places to get an uninhibited view of Little Bay Beach.

Once that’s done, sign the children up for a snorkelling or swimming lesson with Fish ‘N Fins at Aqua Montserrat. They are right next door to Ponteen’s. Parents are welcome to watch or join in the fun. You can also enjoy cold drinks at the bar.

Still not ready to go home yet? Then how about a tasty ice cream cone further down the bay at Sand Shell. If you plan it right, you can be right on time for Buss a Lime Sundays, which happens every other week and you are guaranteed that there will be good music and something grilling.

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