Fund Established to Support Women Living with Domestic Violence

The Royal Poinciana, a local women and gender-focused organisation, announced Monday the launch of the Anolda Fenton Alert.

According to a statement, “The Anolda Fenton Alert will administer the Anolda Fenton Alert Fund which was begun in 2015 with generous contributions from Ambassador Laurine Fenton, sister of Anolda, her cousin Mr. Joseph Matthew, and numerous other persons and organisations in Montserrat and overseas. “

Anolda Fenton was a Montserratian woman who was brutally murdered by her former fiance, John Jones with a cutlass, as she lay sleeping in her bed one night in 2012. Initially charged with murder, Jones pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to 11 years in jail.

“The goal of the Anolda Fenton Alert is to galvanise the entire Montserratian community to act to protect and support women and children victims of domestic or community violence, to work to reduce the incidences of violence against women in Montserrat, and to ensure that Government institute and authorize a Violence Against Women Act. The Anolda Fenton Alert urges that Government provide adequate public funds to fully support victim services and programmes for survivors, as well as services and programmes for prevention, reduction and intervention in the issue of violence against women and girls.

“In collaboration with the Royal Montserrat Police Service, the Ministry of Health, Education and Social Services and other public and private-sector partners, the Anolda Fenton Alert, through its Fund, will provide training, safe-housing and other support services for victims of violence against women and girls.

“Royal Poinciana is an expanding constellation of committed and influential women in the public, private and social sectors who come together to exchange ideas, explore the issues affecting women’s contributions to the societies we inhabit, and to share expertise in looking for solutions and contributions that can be made both as individuals and as a “Community of Trust”.”