Caribe Sun docked at Heritage Quay, Antigua

Additional Ferry Trips to Handle St. Patrick's Festival Crowd

Caribe Sun docked at Heritage Quay, Antigua
Caribe Sun docked at Heritage Quay, Antigua

With several hundred people expecting to touch down for the annual St. Patrick’s Festival starting on March 10, the access department has announced additional ferry runs to accommodate this.

According to Access Coordinator David Duberry, they are “finalizing training for our online booking system” which is scheduled to go live early next week. This, he said “would give visitors time to book online before Thursday.  We would then have some indication of numbers.”

Travellers are also encouraged to call ahead and register their names.

“We are expecting a large amount of passengers from Thursday 10th to Tuesday 15th.  We are asking the visitors from the US who will get to Antigua by 2.30pm to go directly to the Ferry Port as checking will begin from 1.00pm.  We have someone at the airport to assist with this,” the coordinator revealed.

“We plan to operate two trips once the numbers are there, one trip will leave at 4.30 -500pm and the other by 9.00pm.  The ferry has a capacity to carry about 200 passengers with little luggage and 165 with heavy luggage.  If the need arises where we have 400 plus people with luggage, some luggage will be stored at the terminal  and come down the next day as we will prioritize persons.”

To register please email the Access Coordinator at