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Third Public Forum Tonight

The Third Forum in the Let All Ideas Contend: Discussion Series organised by the UWI Open Campus, in conjunction with the Office of the Legislature, will be held on Wednesday March 9, 2016 at the Cultural Centre in Little Bay.

The Honorable Donaldson Romeo, Premier, will bring greetings to the Youth Forum which starts at 6.30 pm.  The Presentations will be as follows:

Ms. Robin Ramdeen, Blue Halo Site Manager –  The Blue Halo Initiative

Dr. Samuel Joseph – Entrepreneurship in Montserrat

Mr. Norman Cassell, NAMCAS Enterprises – The Montserrat Business Council.

The Discussion Series which started on Thursday February 26, 2016,  is an attempt to engage the entire community in discussions of relevance to the island’s development.  The previous 8 presentations have covered a range of critical issues including Access, Banking, the Environment, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables and Food Security, Health Care, Housing, Port Facilities, and Trade.

The Fourth Forum in the Series is planned for Wednesday March 23, 2016 and will provide an opportunity for all ideas to be consolidated into a forward plan of action.