The Deafening Silence

What is worse than the back and forth between the various government officials on current affairs and ongoing access issues, is the deafening silence of the private sector.

No Chamber of Commerce to call for urgent action.

No Small Business Association to demand answers and solutions to help members who depend on the ferry to ensure they can supply their customers.

No Hospitality Association to cry about the effect to bookings.

A quiet Taxi Association who benefit from day trippers.

As long as the government remains the only voices we hear, there will be no impetus for making changes that bring results.

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2 Responses

  1. Ralph says:

    What Chamber of Commerce? What Business Association? We have heard about these and actually attended a Montserrat Business Council meeting in early 2015, where Minister Hogan spoke, and provided our names and contact information, and notwithstanding a long list of agreed upon action items, never heard from the organizers again. There is no web presence of any of these organizations. I can’t believe they even exist, but they should.

  2. watching says:

    Finally someone in the media has noticed the deafening silence from the local business community.
    Can anyone from the Montserrat Chamber of Commerce or the Montserrat Small Business Association indicate what fiscal measures they have proposed to the Government? What was the response of the Government?
    These people don’t even attend their own organization’s meetings, so they are hardly going to contribute as a collective to the national discourse.

    It is not just on this issue; it is a deeper problem. Too many constituent groups in Montserrat remain silent on all matters and expect answers to come from others who do not have the expertise or the direct interest in their cause.

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