Governor's Office Statement on the 15 April 2016 Facebook Post

I have watched with concern the rise of divisive discussion in the media as a result of certain reactions to our Facebook post on 15 April of several colour and monochrome photos of Montserrat’s landscape. Let me state very clearly that there was no racial or divisive message or symbolism intended whatsoever by that post, by me or any of my staff.
I deeply regret how that post, which was intended to project an entirely positive view of Montserrat, has been misused and misinterpreted to foster social division.  That was not our intention and we apologise if that impression was unintentionally given. We also apologise to those whose sensitivities or fears or pain were rekindled by the subsequent commentaries posted in media.  I also want to thank publicly the many Montserratians who have expressed their concern and rejection of the divisiveness that ensued.
It is and remains my commitment as Governor to promote diversity and inclusiveness.
Diversity is one of Montserrat’s great assets. How we value and foster it contributes to making Montserrat a progressive and attractive place to live and visit. Montserrat’s Constitution makes a bold and comprehensive statement against discrimination, and thus sets out a fundamental value for Montserrat. The freedom to discuss, debate agree and disagree about ideas is a hallmark of democracy. But fostering division along racial or ethnic lines is a dangerous path that can never benefit democracy.