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Junior Youth Choir Took Us to De Market

Keon Christopher performing at the Jr National Youth Choir

4-23-16-JrChoir4 4-23-16-JrChoir

Dung in a de Market was the name of Saturday evening’s fantastic performance by members of the Junior Youth Choir.

Despite the small attendance, the primary-aged students sang their hearts out for more than an hour reviving old folk songs and some new ones as well.

Dressed as if they were spending the day at Saturday market, the singers acted and sang accompanied by an acoustic band of students from the Montserrat Secondary School.

Under the direction of music teacher Cris van Beuren the students were enthusiastic and entertaining.

The production was coordinated by the Department of Youth Affairs, with assistance from Ms Ann Marie Dewar and Ms Edith Duberry.

Check out some of the photos and a video below.

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