Ambitious Plans to Have Ferry Servicing Island by Mid June

The government on Monday announced it was currently tendering for ferry and airline services to the island.

During a radio interview on ZJB, Hon. Premier Donaldson Romeo along with Access Coordinator David Duberry, announced they had released an invitation to tender on April 20, 2016.

Duberry said the companies have until May 9, 2016 at 11AM to submit their tender. He added that following that date, they would hope to select a service provider within two weeks. Thereafter, they would like to see the successful company begin operations by the middle of June.

The tender invitation noted that the government was looking for creative ideas and solutions, which could include a combination of sea vessels or sea and air combinations. It also stated that they wanted value for money solutions and affordable travel, noting a contract could range between five to 12 months with the maximum possible contract at 18 months.

The short term solution is to give the government time to work out a “more strategic and long term solution.”