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Premier's Office to Manage Marine Village But What Of LDA?

Scoreboard restaurant at Marine Village.
Scoreboard restaurant at Marine Village.

The commercial units at Marine Village will be under the management of the Office of Premier.

This was revealed during the Tuesday, April 26th sitting of the Legislative Assembly by the Hon. Premier Donaldson Romeo.

Hon. Opposition Leader Reuben T. Meade queried the status of the units now that the Montserrat Development Corporation has been closed.

The premier revealed that his office would be taking over management, adding that a report was on his desk which would explain what has been happening with the four units since the MDC’s closure.

According to the premier, to date, the Scoreboard restaurant has paid $16,000 in rent and Time Out Bar and Grill $23,250. The other two units in the village, a wine bar and dive bar are currently unoccupied.

The Government of Montserrat has the Land Development Authority, separate entity which manages other government-owned properties. It was not clarified why the decision was taken to put the rental properties with the Office of the Premier where rental income would go into the Consolidated Fund rather than to the LDA accounts which could be directly reinvested in the upkeep and maintenance of the buildings.