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Drive Time photo of the Delta Petroleum tanker at the A&F Service Centre in St. Johns.

No Petrol and Diesel Sales As Gas Stations Protest Costs

The public is being asked to be in solidarity with both local service stations as they call for adjusted rates on the cost of providing fuel.

On Monday, both service centres in St. John’s and St. Peters said in a statement that “as of Tuesday 17th May, A&F Service Center and Osborne Service Station have jointly agreed that all petrol and diesel sales will cease until further notice.

“Both companies have taken this necessary step due to unsuccessful negotiations with the Government of Montserrat to address the cost issues which relate to margins set by the government.

“During this period only Medical and Emergency services will be supplied with fuel.

“We urge the public to join us in the stand to support a change, as without this, both companies will not be able to continue providing service in the near future. “We would like to apologize to the public for any inconvenience caused.”

John Osborne, Owner of Osborne Service Station said on ZJB Radio Montserrat last week that, while the price of fuel is adjusted as world prices change, the profit margin to provide the fuel to customers does not. These low costs make the station unprofitable to run and certainly to hire staff which could provide much needed jobs on island.