Police Confirm Shipwrecked Yacht

Google Earth image of the South coast of Montserrat.

Google Earth image of the South coast of Montserrat.

Deputy Commissioner of police Charles Thompson has confirmed that a vessel ran aground on the southern coast of Montserrat recently.

According to the Royal Montserrat Police Service official, the yacht had a single occupant, who was identified as a US national. The yacht ran aground on Tuesday 10th May after which the captain hiked out from the Exclusion Zone.

The man was found in Foxes Bay two days later.

During his police interview, he said that he encountered some difficulty with his navigation system. “With the assistance of US officials he was repatriated to Florida, where he resides,” the police official told Discover Montserrat.
The deputy commissioner said a “monitoring coastal system, which can give early warnings of vessels entering our marine space can help in detecting incidents of this nature.”

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