Hurricane Plan Should Include Property Protection Measures

As the 2016 hurricane season officially kicks off on June 1st, the Department of Environment is suggesting precautionary measures that can be taken to minimize the risk to property and to life and limb.
The Department is encouraging property owners to inspect trees that appear to be rotted, unstable or have overhanging branches that are in close proximity to buildings. Where possible trees can be thinned to allow wind to flow freely through branches to reduce the risk of them being uprooted.
Additionally tree trimmings should be disposed of properly and not thrown into ghauts or other drainage systems that could lead to flooding. The yard and porches should be cleared of lawn and patio furniture and potted plants if a storm is forecast for the area.
One should stay clear from ghauts and cliff sides during periods of heavy rain to minimize the risk of getting caught in swift flowing water or landslides.
The Department of Environment recommends that residents can contact the utility provider for assistance to clear branches from power lines and follow all precautions related to standing and potable water as conveyed by both the Environmental Health Department and Montserrat Utilities Ltd. The Department also advises against setting fires for waste management without getting permission from the Chief Fire Officer.
Residents are also encouraged to check on the elderly and other vulnerable neighbours and assist them where possible to get prepared ahead of a storm.