DMCA Statement at Start of Hurricane Season 2016

Her Excellency the Governor, the Government of Montserrat, The Disaster Management Coordination Agency and partners recognize the annual threat to Montserrat and the Caribbean region from the Atlantic Hurricane season, and continue to make efforts to mitigate against its potential effects on lives and livelihoods on Montserrat.

This year, the national disaster management system seeks to apply lessons identified from 2015 Atlantic Hurricane season, during which Montserrat and neighboring islands were spared from the effects of Tropical Storms Danny and Erika.  We are all aware of the loss of life and damage which Dominica experienced as a result of the latter.

Residents are advised to prepare for all the hazards that can present during the hurricane season, and of course other events that can threaten life and property.  Remember, Hurricanes are not the only threat we face.

We can all reflect on the fact that more persons have died, property destroyed and economic development severely impacted by heavy rain events when compared to wind.  Tropical Storm Erika claimed 35 lives, with over US$ 500 million in damages

The Disaster Management Coordination Agency in collaboration with Radio Montserrat and other partner agencies like the Department of Environment,  Montserrat Utilities Limited and the Montserrat Red Cross will continue reminding residents to prepared for emergencies which can be triggered by untoward events. And share tips on how to get prepared.

Some points to note

  1. A disaster can occur in a family setting, a small community or an entire country if the people concerned are have not reduced their risk to a hazard, and are not prepared to respond to the emergency.
  2. Very young persons, women and the elderly are more vulnerable to actual events that cause disasters, and the resulting impact than other age groups.
  3. Businesses affected by a disaster are more likely to revive and continue operating if there is a Business Continuity Plan in place for unfortunate events.  Every business or operation should have such a plan
  4. Family and community level preparedness is key to surviving, and getting past an emergency event.
  5. Emergency and disaster preparedness is a continuous process of identifying the risks present or possible, and taking action to reduce the risk to people and property likely to be affected.

Of course, we will continue to issues messages using different media, and in collaboration with our partners for hurricanes and other hazards.

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