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Learn to Make Apps With Dr Samuel Joseph

app-iconsIf you want to be the next Mark Zuckerburg and learn how to make an app that is in demand, the perfect opportunity has arrived.
The Department of Youth Affairs and Sports is hosting an app development workshop led by Dr Samuel Joseph of local software development firm Lavabits.
Registration is now open for the workshop which begins on July 11 at the MSS computer lab. Interested young people are encouraged to call the Youth department at 491-5703 or 5701 to register.
“The aim of the workshop is to build capacity of youth on island and empower them with skills to help themselves. In addition we are trying to create a youth society that are creators and not just consumers, we have a lot of varied skilled youth on island so we are trying to expose those skills in various ways,” said Youth Officer Loni Howe.
Registration ends on the 4th of July.