Fish 'N Fins Ocean Camp Heads to Barbuda

6-20-16-BARBUDA BLUE HALO CAMP 2015 6-20-16-BLUE HALO_WAITT CAMP 2015 6-20-16-Collage of Fish n Fins Camp 6-20-16-Veta, with Fish N Finer of MontserratIt will be another exciting ocean summer for the children of Holy Trinity School on Barbuda when Fish ‘N Fins comes to town.

“This is the fourth year of ocean camp on Barbuda, since the Blue Halo Initiative began ocean zoning work on the picturesque island, back in 2012, explains Site Manager, Robin Ramdeen. “It’s 2016 and we are shifting gears by partnering with Veta Wade a talented young woman who runs a novel swim & snorkel club on Montserrat.”

“Blue Halo Barbuda is excited to partner with AQUA Montserrat” said Kathryn Mengerink, the Waitt Institute’s Executive Director. “The Blue Halo Summer Camp allows children to experience the marine environment first-hand, and inspires the next generation to love and protect our oceans.”

Miss Wade, Founder of AQUA Montserrat’s Fish ‘N Fins Club explained, “we are very thrilled to be working in partnership with Blue Halo in adding to the children’s ocean experience this summer. It will be fascinating to explore the diverse marine ecosystems of beautiful Barbuda. We also look forward to making new friends and creating new partnerships as we combine our passions for conserving our oceans and island cultures.”

This year, 25 children will participate in this one week-long ocean camp on Barbuda. Miss Wade commented, “The camp will be focused on lots of fun ocean games and activities”. She added “in order to better manage our oceans, not only do we need our communities to work together but our islands must too; and what better way to communicate this to our youth than by this collaboration between Blue Halo & Fish ‘N Fins.”

Supporting on the camp will be the Blue Halo Barbuda Team, led by Site Manager, Robin Ramdeen, and Miss Cynthia Yearwood, Grade 6 Teacher of the Holy Trinity School.

The camp will include lots of swimming; snorkelling, a boat trip, and beach cleanup. The week will end with a Fun Day at the Beach, where the parents will be invited to share in the experience with their children as they go fishing, and close out camp with a Beach BBQ.
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Fish ‘N Fins is AQUA Montserrat’s non – profit for community interest, kids ocean club. We enable our island’s children to learn to swim, snorkel and dive, in a fun and safe environment. We are focused on learning about the ocean, its usefulness to our lives and culture, and how we can play a key part to its long term protection.
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AQUA Montserrat is an adventure eco-tourism & Freediving agency. We are 100% locally owned and operated. We provide Ocean\Conservation & Cultural themed aquatic activities on Montserrat. Our adventures give you an opportunity to observe, learn and actively participate in the preservation of our coral reefs and island culture; making for a memorable vacation and truly unique community experience!


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The Waitt Institute endeavors to ensure ecologically, economically, and culturally sustainable use of ocean resources. The Institute partners with governments committed to developing and implementing comprehensive, science-based, community-driven solutions for sustainable ocean management. Our goal is to benefit coastal communities while restoring fish populations and habitats. Our approach is to engage stakeholders, provide the tools needed to design locally appropriate policies, facilitate the policymaking process, and build capacity for effective implementation and long-term success.

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The Waitt Institute provides the toolkit, and partner governments provide the political will to do comprehensive ocean zoning. The Blue Halo Initiative deeply engages stakeholders through a science-based, community-driven approach. A “Blue Halo” describes the waters encircling an island where ocean resources are used sustainably, profitably, and enjoyably. The Waitt Institute strives to support Caribbean Blue Halo sites to create and implement policies, including sustainable fishing and comprehensive ocean zoning.