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Flights Return to Pre-Subsidy Rate After June 30

Air travel after June 30 will be back to pre-subsidy rates.
Anyone currently making plans to travel from July 1 onwards would note that air fare is no longer at EC$400 which it has been since April due to a lack of ferry service. The Government of Montserrat has been subsidising air fare and this was recently extended to the end of June, as no ferry service has yet been sourced.
According to online booking sites a round trip between Montserrat and Antigua is US$224 or EC$604.80 on Fly Montserrat and US$ 199.44 or EC$537.00 Some special fares are available on Fly Montserrat which can lower the regular rate.
Access Coordinator David “Trixie” Duberry told Discover Montserrat there are no plans to extend the subsidy beyond the end of June as he is still expecting a ferry service to be in play by then.

There has been no update from the Office of the Premier on the planned waiving of the airport tax of US$75 or $202.50 which Montserratians pay if spending more than 24 hours in Antigua.