Poem – The Need

By Bubblicious Galloway

The chilled soft ocean breeze was welcoming
Cruising the harbor under night time coastline admiring
The silhouette of a city tattered with love and corruption
Like the heart of some people beauty is but an illusion
The depth is as pure as murky waters on this midnight ride
Partying openly on this cruise for there’s nothing to hide
Every viewed moonlit night is our treasured thought like this
A romantic walk along the shoreline a picnic our night of bliss

Through telepathy this connection is eerily chilling
Both in another’s arms yet the mind forfeits truth in feeling
Though the pulse of life is on the deck above
You are massaging the heart of someone else calling it love
Someone is fooled by the pleasurable concoction of infatuation
A comforting heart is leaping at lusts for attention

Reality is lurking like a loaded curtain rod of dresses and shirts
A closet of love strained screws when all joints hurt
At midnight when all is asleep cozy in the stillness thereof
The ship rocks the curtain fall everything is off the cuff
Curious house springs to attention everyone is alert
Emergency an intruder someone is focusing on hurt
It’s tough exhibiting enjoyment the aerie section of this deck
The mind is parading the gangway and imagination is a wreck
With time, place or permission that aching need to get by
Tonight we are like losers peering through a needle’s eye.