Trevor Howe Jr is Student of the Year

National Student of the Year Trevor Howe Jr. receives his award from PS of Education Phillip Chambers.

The Ministry of Education held its annual celebration to honour the nation’s top teachers and students on Thursday, July 7, 2016 at the Montserrat Cultural Centre.

This year Brades Primary School 6th grader Trevor Howe Jr took home the top honour as student of the year.

Howe was the nominee from his school and took home the overall prize for his dedication to his academic but also his ability to look out for his fellow classmates, while excelling in community activities.

MSS Student of the Year Diedre Lee

Also nominated for the national Student of the Year award was MSS valedictorian Diedre Lee, Nianna St Claire of Lookout Primary, Diesha Greenaway of Lighthouse Community Academy and Shay-Reese Chambers of St. Augustine Primary.

During the four-hour ceremony which included dinner, tributes were given to seven retired school teachers. Family and friends collected awards on behalf of Alfred Lee, Sarah Farrell, Alfreda Meade, Florence Malone, Josephine Ryan, Edward Williams, and Rev Charles Willock.

MSS Principal Mrs C Hogan receives her award from Min Paul Lewis.

Hosted by reigning Miss Caribbean Jaycees queen Sharissa Ryan, featured entertainment from the MSS Dancers and music by McCloyd White.

Student of the Year from Lighthouse Community Academy Diesha Greenaway.

Also honoured during the evening were teachers who have served more than 30 years. Presented with plaques by Hon. Minister of Communications Paul Lewis were: Zelma White, Yvonne Julius, Ingrid Osborne, MSS Principal Cherlyn Hogan, Acting Education Officer Inez Thompson, and Arlene Skerritt.

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