GOM Photo of the current state of the Davy Hill Community Centre.

Work to Resume on Davy Hill Community Centre

GOM Photo of the current state of the Davy Hill Community Centre.
GOM Photo of the current state of the Davy Hill Community Centre.

A new contract was awarded to Ryan Investments Limited, for the resumption of work on the Davy Hill Community Resource Centre on August 10th, 2016, the Government of Montserrat announced recently.

On the September 29th, 2014 CDB approved the award of a civil works contract for the sub-project “Enhancement of Community Facilities and Services Delivery at Davy Hill” for the construction of the Davy Hill Resource Centre.  The ground breaking was held on that day and excavation works commenced on 1st of October 2014.

By December of 2014, the main structure of the building was completed, however, December 31st, 2014 was the final date for disbursement of funds by CDB for the BNTF 6th Cycle under which this sub-project was being administered and so CDB had to bring the project to halt.  In order to continue, CDB required a new submission of the sub-project to meet its normal approval procedures.

During the period of resubmission of the project, BNTF had some difficulties with the previous contractors and so an arbitrator was hired by CDB BNTF to resolve the matter.  This resulted in the contractor being relieved of his obligations under the project contract and the Ministry of Finance having to provide settlement funds as per decision of the arbitration. The project therefore had to be re-tendered and Ryan Investments Limited won the new tender.

The BNTF Implementing Agency however, indicated in July of 2016, that the funds available under the BNTF 6 and 8 project cycles were insufficient to cover the Davy Hill Community Resource Centre project and requested assistance from the Premier and Minister of Finance, Honourable Donaldson Romeo, who agreed to provide additional funds of around EC$300,000 to complete the project.

This project entails a 1900 sq. feet building which will consist of a computer training room, kitchen, male and female toilets and bath room, meeting hall, lobby, office and store room. The Centre will serve as the Community Resource facility for the people of Davy Hill, youth on Montserrat and as a hurricane shelter when necessary.

It is expected that the construction works of the Davy Hill Community Resource Centre will be completed by October 31st, 2016.