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Montserrat to Get Ferry in November, says Premier Romeo

The Honourable Premier, Donaldson Romeo is extremely happy to announce, that following discussions with senior officials at the Department for International Development (DFID) and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), there is a shared commitment between our two Governments that a safe, fast and comfortable ferry service is expected to be in place during November 2016 and ahead of the Christmas season.

DFID has agreed to work with Government of Montserrat on a fast track procurement process for this service and has committed to provide a dedicated technical resource to Montserrat to support this process. A joint working team (GOM and DFID officials) has been established to ensure that a ferry service is procured as soon as possible.

The Premier stated “I am pleased to say that both DFID and FCO share our concerns regarding the need for alternative access by supporting the provision of a ferry service for the people of Montserrat”.

The Governor.  H E Carriere in support of this statement remarked as follows: “I too am very pleased that we have reached this point through collaborative discussion and a sense of partnership. Now we need to continue that spirit of collaboration to achieve the goal of having a ferry in place in November. It can be done, if we are all determined to make it happen and if we all work together.”