Three Employees Lose Security Clearance at the Airport

Three workers from the John A. Osborne Airport have be reassigned after losing their security clearance.

According to ZJB News, Air Safety Support International (ASSI), which has responsibility for Montserrat’s airspace has said the workers did not pass security review after it was revealed they each had criminal records.

In 2015, the regulator introduced new security requirements which brought the situation to light upon running background checks on airport employees.

It did not matter what the infraction was for or how far in the past it was, the workers can no longer be assigned to the airport.

Permanent Secretary with the Ministry of Communications, Works and Labour Beverley Mendes has said the officers will be reassigned without prejudice or concern with regards to their salaries.

One of the workers is said to be a senior air traffic controller for more than 10 years.

Airport Manager Denzil Jones, said Montserrat risks losing its aerodrome certificate if they do not comply with ASSI regulations.