Montserrat Edition of Island Diaries Premieres Friday on TV5 Canada

Life on Montserrat is the subject of this Friday’s edition of Island Chacun Son Iles or Island Diaries, which premieres on TV 5 Canada at 10PM.

The 50-minute episode features conversations with veteran journalist and radio personality Rose Willock, MVO Director Dr Rod Stewart, Restaurateur John Ponteen, Music Teacher Cris van Beuren, local fishermen and farmers, as well as entrepreneurs Nerissa Golden and Veta Wade.

Hosted by Sophie Fouron the episode was shot in December 2015 by DBCom Media of Canada. Local logisitics was handled by Goldenmedia with the support of the Tourism Department, David Lea and the Montserrat Volcano Observatory.

French Canadian Luc Rozon and his wife are interviewed about their decision to reside here full time. The sights and sounds of the island come are shown in a very refreshing and non-touristy way, capturing a lot of the essence which is Montserrat.

The English version of the show will be released in Spring 2017.