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No Montserrat Legislative Assembly in November

Hon. Speaker of the House Shirley Osborne.
Hon. Speaker of the House Shirley Osborne.

The Speaker of the Montserrat Legislative Assembly regrets to inform the public that the regularly scheduled November sitting of the Assembly will not take place this year.

Sittings of the Assembly are scheduled on the fourth Tuesday and Wednesday of each month, throughout the Parliamentary year which runs from September to July, and debates are held if there is business to be attended to.

There will be no business transacted on November 22nd or 23rd , 2016 as previously scheduled. It is expected, however, that the sitting set for Tuesday, December, 20th will take place as scheduled and will be broadcast via radio, as usual.

The Speaker reminds everyone that the increased engagement and participation of the citizens would be immeasurably helpful for the Government, for democracy and for the right development of Montserrat. She, therefore, reiterates her standing invitation to members of all ages and persuasions to regularly attend sittings of the Montserrat Legislative Assembly and to feel free to contact her with any related concerns, ideas or suggestions.