Diana Hendrickson-Fleming of COSME and Nerissa Golden, host of Lady Maverick Intensive

COSME teams up with Nerissa Golden to host Lady Maverick Intensive

The LMI ladies joined with other local women to celebrate Women’s Entrepreneurship Day at a reception at Tropical Mansion Suites on November 23, 2016.

31 women participated in the First Lady Maverick Intensive on Montserrat Nov 23-25, 2016. Hosted by Nerissa Golden and funded through COSME, the women had the opportunity to discuss their business challenges and learn strategies for working through them.

The early birds got a chance to visit several local tourist sites including this new gallery Little Island Designs, by artist Shan Murell (left).

Joining the training team was business coach Sandra Baptist who shared tools on shifting your money mindset. She also showed in the Power of Leverage how women can make the best use of their time, team and money to achieve greater results.

Sales coach Troy Holder of Barbados discussed the biggest issues for women when it comes to selling. He encouraged the women to complete their sales pitches by asking for the sale. He also reminded them that selling is not begging.
Grant writer and social entrepreneur Dr Anita Davis-Defoe advised the business women to see a non profit enterprise in the same way as a for profit venture. It should have a business plan, a marketing strategy and a product or service that can generate revenue. She noted that “the people you are trying to help shouldn’t be the ones from which you are earning your revenue.”

Sales Coach Troy Holder of Barbados, Skyped in to speak to the women about becoming more effective at sales.

The intensive also included a tour of the buried city of Plymouth. Golden used this as an opportunity to show how opportunities can come from tragedy and also the need to persevere despite obstacles. 

“I’m really grateful for the opportunity to attend Lady Maverick. It has encouraged me to push more in my business,” said Nicole Duberry of Versatile Creations on Montserrat. 

“The Lady Maverick retreat was outstanding!” says Anne Querrard-Lamouler of Solutech St Barths. “Thank you for gathering so many interesting persons and thank you for the accurate contents of this workshop. Discovering Montserrat was just breathtaking.”

Diana Hendrickson-Fleming of COSME said an important aspect of the event was the opportunity for networking and creating collaborations. She said the COSME program was committed to finding ways to help boost entrepreneurship across the OCTs. COSME is an EU-funded initiative to improve small and medium enterprises. 

The retreat brought together women from the islands of Anguilla,Tortola, Aruba, Bonaire, St Eustatius, St Maarten and Montserrat.

“This was a dream come true to bring so many women together to share their stories and support them on their business journey. The retreat was a wonderful way to understand commonalities but also to give each woman the information they need to build a stronger and more sustainable business,” shared Golden.

Diana Hendrickson-Fleming of COSME and Nerissa Golden, host of Lady Maverick Intensive

Learn more about the Lady Maverick Intensive at nerissagolden.com .

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