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Agriculture Strategy and Marketing Plan to Be Launched at AgriExpo

The Government of Montserrat will be launching its Agriculture Strategy and Marketing Plan (ASMP) later this week at Agri-Expo.

Slated for Thursday December 15 and Friday the 16th, the expo will bring together the work of backyard gardeners, poultry and livestock farmers as well as those who create food in the cottage industry.

The ASMP has several strategic intentions including:

  • Reduction of Montserrat’s dependence on imported fresh food;
  • Explore and exploit niche market opportunities for local food products;
  • Applying more modern technologies to the sector as a whole; and
  • Promoting consumption of fresh food as a contributor to wellness

In recent months, there has been work to improve the knowledge and practices of poultry and livestock farmers through workshops. Local broiler production is estimated at less than 30% of the demand for whole chickens.

Hon. Minister of Agriculture Claude Hogan said the plan is an “impressive outcome of technical and policy coordination within a ministry that facilitates the feeding of a nation with wholesome products.”

Agriculture Strategy and Marketing Plan (ASMP)