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Dr Samuel Joseph will be representing MCAP in the upcoming by-election on January 30. (SJoseph Photo)

Seven to Contest Vacant Seat in By-Election

Seven men will be contesting the seat left vacant when Opposition Leader Hon. Reuben T. Meade resigned last October 2016.

Nomination Day was held on Tuesday, January 19th at the St Patrick’s Credit Union Hall in Brades.

Jermaine Wade will be contesting the upcoming by-election after being successfully nominated. (JWade Photo)
Jermaine Wade will be contesting the upcoming by-election after being successfully nominated. (JWade Photo)

Successfully completing the nomination process as independent candidates are calypsonian Keithroy Morson, former Opposition member Victor James Sr, former Parliamentary Secretary Jermaine Wade, Charlesworth Phillip, and Winston Ponde.

Contesting the seat for the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) will be Emile Duberry, while Dr Samuel Joseph has the support of the Movement for Change and Prosperity (MCAP).

Keithroy Morson, who now calls himself The Voice told ZJB News he will be an advocate for justice and a watch dog once he wins the seat. He said he was not interested in the current competition on debates in the House. “I want to see justice for the people. If you’re not looking after the people there is where I come in. They need a voice who is willing to fight for them.”

Dr Samuel Joseph said he saw two main roles of being in the Opposition seat, which are to keep government accountable to explain what is happening and to use his skills to contribute to moving the country forward. Joseph said he will also continue to speak to the people with special focus on youth development to ensure their voice is heard by the government.

“I have proven myself already and sat in the Legislative Assembly before,” said Victor James Sr, who was in the opposition seat during the Reuben T. Meade Administration. “This is not just about being in the legislature. Can you lead?”

Emile Duberry for People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) told ZJB his special emphasis will be on community development. He also plans to continue “to put full support behind” Hon. Premier Donaldson Romeo and pushing government to get a breakwater at the harbour, salary increase for the civil servants and a new hospital.

Charlesworth Phillip says if elected it will be all about pushing forward with infrastructural development. He said he is a candidate who can bring change right away and the government needs help. “I want to bring fresh ideas to the table to help the people of Montserrat.”

The by-election will be held on Monday, January 30, 2017.

This is the first time since the 1970s that a by-election is taking place.