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Deputy Governor Sends Reminder to Civil Servants on Elections Code of Conduct

Acting Deputy Governor Lyndell Greer-Simpson has sent a reminder to the public service about their conduct during this election season.

The Deputy Governor said according to the Government of Montserrat General Orders 316 on the conduct of civil servants, “Officers are expressly forbidden to participate actively on behalf of any party or candidate in any election to the Legislature or in any Local Authority election. They are expressly forbidden to act as agents, sub-agents or canvassers at elections of this nature.”

Along with Her Excellency the Governor Elizabeth Carriere, the DG noted that civil servants should ensure that do they wear apparel to work or make statements in the press or on social media which denotes support for any political party of politician. T

Read more about the General Orders for Public Officers here…03-conduct-of-public-officers .