UK Entomologists to Visit Montserrat

The Ministry of Health will be hosting a two-day visit of Entomologists from Public Health England (PHE) starting on February 2, 2017.

According to a release from Penny Maloney, Health Promotions Officer, the ministry will host Dr Jolyon Medlock, Head of Medical Entomology & Zoonoses Ecology and Alexander Vaux, Medical Entomologist, Medical Entomology & Zoonoses Ecology.

“Public health entomologists are concerned with insects and the viruses that they may transmit to humans. Throughout the course of their visit they will consult with the Environmental Health Department to:

  • Provide training in mosquito vector surveillance for key arbovirus vectors: Aedes aegypti, Aedes albopictus
  • Provide training in mosquito identification and curation
  • Help enhance the vector surveillance strategy and assist in developing a vector surveillance/control plan.
  • Assist with collection of data using GIS-based collection app technology
  • Fund and provide mosquito traps and specific laboratory equipment for identification and management of specimens (e.g. microscopes)
  • Consult with the general public and a seminar titled “Insects and our Society”
  • Build links between PHE, Montserrat and CARPHA (Caribbean Public Health Agency) ensuring that all strategies and plans conform to local plans

The team will meet with the press following their visit to discuss the outcomes.