February’s Parliamentary Meeting Cancelled

The Speaker of the Montserrat Legislative Assembly regrets to inform the people of Montserrat that the Assembly will not have its scheduled sitting in February.

The Premier has brought to the attention of the Speaker that, he, the Premier, the Deputy Premier and other members of the Executive branch of Montserrat’s Government will be away from the island or engaged in other government affairs on the days previously scheduled for the February sittings and will not, therefore, be available for Parliamentary business on February 23rd and 24th. It was his request that the Parliamentary Calendar be rearranged accordingly.

The Speaker is aware that there are people who had been planning to attend the February sitting of the Assembly expressly to witness the swearing in of the new member elected in the January by-election, and deeply regrets the inconvenience.

She extends her profound regrets to the incoming Member and reassures the people of Montserrat that the swearing in of Dr. Samuel Joseph will, indeed, take place at the very next sitting of the Montserrat Legislative Assembly on March 7th with his taking the Oath as required by the Montserrat Constitution Order 2010.

The Speaker further informs the people of Montserrat that the annual Budget Speech is also rescheduled and will no longer take place on Tuesday, March 14th as detailed in earlier publishings.

The Premier will present his 2017-2018 Budget Speech on Thursday, March 23rd, at 4:30 p.m. in the Auditorium of the Cultural Centre.

The Speaker takes this opportunity to reiterate her standing invitation to the people of Montserrat to come to the House and experience the business of their government in person. She reminds everyone that the increased engagement and participation of the citizens would be immeasurably helpful to the processes of governing of Montserrat, to democracy and transparency, and for the right development of our island and peoples.

She continues to urge residents and citizens of all ages and persuasions to regularly attend sittings of the Montserrat Legislative Assembly and to feel free to contact her with any related concerns, ideas or suggestions.

The Speaker looks forward to full attendance at the upcoming sittings of the Legislative Assembly of Montserrat.

Sittings of the Assembly are regularly scheduled on the fourth Tuesday and Wednesday of each month, throughout the Parliamentary year which runs from September to July, and debates are held if there is business to be attended to and a quorum of the Honourable Members.