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Governor Carriere Congratulates St Patrick’s Festival Organisers

Her Excellency the Governor Elizabeth Carriere on Thursday commended the committee behind the annual St Patrick’s Festival celebrations for a job well done.

H.E. Governor Elizabeth Carriere
H.E. Governor Elizabeth Carriere

The governor was speaking during a scheduled press conference in which she discussed several matters including the just concluded festival.

“I attended and took part in many of the week’s activities. This was only my second St Patrick’s Week but I agree with many of those I spoke to who have experienced far more than me that this was the best St Patrick’s Week festival ever.  So I want to congratulate the organising committee on a fantastic job.

“Despite the bad weather in the days leading up to the festival which threatened to prevent visitors and others from getting here… I understand that initial estimates put the number of visitors coming for the week at about 2,000, which is marvellous.  The extra buzz and bustle around the island was obvious.  St Patrick’s Day itself and the party in Salem were wonderful and I found myself in the parade dancing along with everyone else.

The governor also touched on the activities in Cork Hill for the community reunion. “I could not attend any of the events this week but I hear that they have also been a great success and have brought back many happy memories for those who used to live there and took part in the events this week.  Seeing so many of the village’s buildings, including the church, cleared of vegetation for the events has made me realise what a lovely part of the island it was and still is.”